Monday, July 9, 2012

Super-Size of Burger Creates Opportunity to Young Entrepreneur

Burger business creates the opportunity to young entrepreneur in Malaysia to expand their experience and gain some of their own pocket money. While serving burgers look as big as converts, of course it thrilled to express it to anyone. Moreover, the burger is one dish that the choice of fast food lovers in the country.

Normally, the burger giant which more than three kilograms (kg) before this can only be viewed through the television screen from outside the country based on the story or the internet.

Burger giant homemade Abu Yazid Abdul Kadir, 32, is offering three options for the size and various types of bread to burger lovers who want something new.

With the experience for almost 14 years in the burger business, Abu Yazid said, the introduction of YB burger, which stands for 'big' is to create a variety of burger lovers in the country.

After make some research, he is successfully had opened his own YB Yazid burger stall located at Anjung 7. Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor which is the place is strategic and all of local food lovers can enjoy the burger there.

"Although the introduction of new burger reaches YB month, the demand for the burger managed to steal the focus of the public.

"It is not unexpected, because I totally did not expect this big burger is in high demand," explain Abu Yazid Abdul Kadir.

This brilliant businessman had started his business with only RM4000 cash capital by his own savings and he could collect about more than RM1000 per night. The total income had increase day by day which is 40 percent more than the starting capital before.

However, the spiritual inside him, which is never knew the meaning of despair, but continue to draw a sigh of relief when the burger giant began in high demand after several weeks of operation.                

"I need to ensure that bookings made in advance by the customer that their request can be fulfilled. The quality and freshness in the preparation of YB burger is very important. It should be done in order to give satisfaction to our customers," he said.


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