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 The automobile sales in Malaysia on 2010 shows that the national cars leads the market with a great numbers of sales starting from January to May rather than the import cars.

            Based on the top 20 models automobile sales in Malaysia, it shows that the top 5 market sales were conquered by the national car which is Proton and Perodua.

            From the top 5, Proton Saga were lead the market sales by 30,831 sales and followed by Perodua Viva with 28,561 sales and the other three is Perodua Myvi, Proton Persona and also Perodua Alza.

            Among all of the Proton product, it shows that Proton Saga were have more buyers rather than others which is Proton Persona, Proton Exora and Proton Satria Neo because the advantages of Proton Saga is quite spacious and the price is quite cheap than others.

            Besides that, there are also some Malaysian people who like the multipurpose cars or also known as the MPV cars like the Perodua Alza and Proton Exora and usually those who already have family were prefer to buy that type of car.

            As for the imported cars, Toyota Vios is still leading with 13285 sales for January to May and followed by the other brand Honda, Nissan, Naza, Mitshubishi and lastly is Isuzu.

            Toyota Vios leading as for the sedan cars among the other imported cars even though Naza Forte is one of the new models, it still cannot compete with Vios sales in Malaysia.

            As for the four wheel drive or sport utility vehicles segments (SUV), the market shows that Honda CRV have a great numbers of sales with 1774 and followed by Triton and also Isuzu D-Max.

            Honda CRV leads the market for the SUV cars because Malaysian people were also look at the car design before they buy it. As for the Honda CRV, the models were huge and sporty rather than Triton and Isuzu which it looks like very simple and not so attractive.

            Based on the top 20 automobile sales in Malaysia, it shows that Malaysian people were prefer the national cars rather than imported cars and this is also shows that Malaysia have improved the automobile industry and hopefully there will be more improvement in this industry.

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